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Due to the stringent conditions put in place due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, its more important than ever to have your car running in tip top shape. You may need your car on very short notice. Nor do you want to get stuck having to rely on public transport or Ubers. Additionally, there’s no point risking a costly, post-COVID-19 repairs due to lack of maintenance. That’s why now is the time to make sure your car is reliable and safe for the ensuing couple of months.


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Contactless pick-ups and drop offs

It is possible to get your car serviced, or repaired without any person-to-person contact. Most workshops have put special safety precautions in place to ensure you and the workshop staff are kept as safe as possible. Once you have organised a service with your local trusted workshop, you can drop off the car, leave the keys in it and head off without having to make person-to-person contact with anyone. The mechanic can call you for any questions they might have. Some workshops are also offering courtesy pick-ups and returns. If you are self-quarantining this one is for you.


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Antibacterial Cleaning

Mechanics and service technicians will carry out a full antibacterial wipe down before and after servicing. Keep in mind, workshops are just as concerned about their staff’s health and wellbeing, as they are about yours.


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Stop the Spread

While you are permitted to take your car to your local workshop to get work done, you should definitely not do so if you’ve tested positive to COVID-19 – or exhibiting flu-like symptoms. Businesses are also ensuring their workplace remains a safe environment for both staff and customers by instructing any unwell employees not to come to work.


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Living with COVID-19

While COVID-19 is a serious and nasty business, if you adhere to social distancing, have as minimal contact as possible and follow all the local and federal government guidelines, there’s no reason you can’t stay safe – while also ensuring your car does not become a COVID-19 casualty. Head to to find a trusted master workshop near you that employs COVID-19 safety protocols.

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